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Custom made order Asami Watanabe 01.jpg

​Custom-made order jewellery

​You can order to me the custom made order jewellery.

Wedding ring, Engagement ring, Remake, Original design,,,

You can choose from samples, or you can custom-make with your image and your favorite shape and texture.


The flow of order is as follows.

1. Consult your desired design image and size, create a quote

2. Make a sample ring (for marriage ring)


3. After seeing the sample ring, adjust the design and size and make the final decision


4. Production of wedding rings (around 1 to 2 months)


5. Hand over to you

Marriage ring Asami Watanabe 01.jpg

​Pt 900 x K18 YG with Diamond

Marriage ring Asami Watanabe 02.jpg

​K18 YG  Matte and Glossy texture

Marriage ring Asami Watanabe 03.jpg

​K18 WG  Glossy texture

Marriage ring laser Asami Watanabe

​K18 WG with Laser engraving

Marriage ring Asami Watanabe 05.jpg

​K10 YG with Hand stamping

For Wedding ring

The material is usually 18K gold (yellow, white, pink can also specify the tint) or platinum.


It also accept 10K gold, 14K gold, and silver according to your budget.

Each person can have a different design, so you can make your own design.

If you wish, it can hand-stamped with numbers and alphabets on inside or side of ring.

You can specify your favorite characters such as date, initials, name, message, etc.

If you want special fonts or marks, you can insert them with a laser.

Marriage ring Asami watanabe 00.jpg
Engagement ring Asami Watanabe 01.jpg
Bridal rings Asami Watanabe 01.jpg

For Engagement ring

Engagement rings can also be selected from the sample designs to create the shape and texture.

If you have a design of the ring you want to make, it also accept the production according to it.

The stone can also be seen directly, so you can make it with the gem of your choice.


Consultation is also possible with a set of wedding ring and engagement ring.

Remake dia ring Asami Watanabe 01.jpg
Engagement ring  Sapphire Asami Watanabe

For all of order

Although it depends on the design, it usually takes 2-3 months for production.

If there is a desired delivery date, please consult and adjust the delivery date.


The price will change depending on the design and material, so we will discuss with your budget and decide.

​Contact :

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